09 February, 2009

Little Spat

Hubbie and I got into a little argument last night. I was upset at his constant asking where things are in the kitchen and I decided not to answer him. Which he got upset at being ignored and then continued to extrapolate that into not caring about him and how mean I was. I in turn, got more upset that he always does that, makes it my fault and is never willing to own up to the fact that he doesn't pay attention or take my feelings into account at asking me millions of time over and over and over again.

It is draining for me to constantly remind him, show him, tell him etc. The bottom line for me is that he doesn't listen, pay attention or find this important enough to care.

So the bed was a little chilly last night. Yes we went to bed a little upset with each other.

But if this is what I have to deal with, I will take it. I love him after all and he loves me. These little spats are nothing compared to what others go through.

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Jen said...

Just a little relationship milestone, will probably cause both of you to think about the other other a little more than usual today.

On another note - you asked me about a pattern called "Morning Surf" scarf. It is in a copy of spinoff magazine, but I bet if you google it you could find a similar pattern for free. Have a great day!