11 February, 2009

We have made our peace....

Tonight after some lukewarm exchanges, hubbie and I seemed to have found a meeting of the minds. At least I feel this has happened. Tomorrow is a new day and things should return to normal between the two of us.

Relationships go through an ebb and flow process. I realize that hubbie and I will not always be so in love with each other where everything is perfect. There will be those misunderstood moments, hurt feelings and ignored overtures. This is after all human nature and we are working through our humanness one day at a time.

There are times I feel our society glosses over difficulty. We have been programmed for instant gratification and that "happy" feeling. The reality is we are human beings with a myriad of emotional choices. There are 12 main emotions with minor offshoots from those 12. To be fully human is to experience the range of those emotions. Aren't we to work on our humanness between others so we may experience true human exchange?

A tall order I know. But it is worth the time and effort. After all, if all we do is cover up aspects of our humanness, we are bound to repeat the experience again and again and again until we fully understand our true nature and purpose for this human life.

I say all of this as my view on dealing with some of the unpleasant things in life. It is necessary and I see value in working through the unpleasantness.

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