09 March, 2009

Catch UP

The List

1 Parents in Town - playing tourist for the past couple of weeks. Ate at some new places, spent time on beach and poolside at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne... and enjoyed some nice conversations... a little like the old days when I lived in New Orleans, a little.

2 Enjoyed a wedding weekend in New York. Watched a dear friend marry a nice man. Sure pray they are happy and enjoy their life together.

3 Fit into dress for above wedding... lost 10 pounds... put back on 3, ugh.

4 Spent time with in laws while in New York. Enjoyed time for most part. Nice to have the relationship we have now, after all these years of it being so so.

5 Spent entire day in Airport returning from New York weekend due to the Snow Storm that blasted the Entire East Coast.... Ugh... but did manage to finally finish The New Earth book.

6 Trying to catch up on entering the Financial Books for a client.

7 Staying up too late watching CNN... addicted now.

8 Miss knitting... I really look forward to knitting and having the yarn between my fingers... weird I know!

9 Went strawberry picking and found some exotic fruits.

10 Finally drove all the way down the Keys... and saw the sunset in Key West.

11 Looking forward to summer activities here on the Island.

12 Made more ice cream... but still having issues with fruit ice creams....

13 Spent time at Miami Beach... finally ate at Ice Box, best cake in the USA according to Oprah.

14 Been sleeping on sofa so parents can have my bed. Hubbie is sleeping with the little guy.

15 Owner of an orchid... it feels like I have a pet, they require special attention and hopefully I will give it.

16 Looking forward to sending things home with parents in effort to make some extra money, share some items with those who need and clean out some space.

17 Listening to lots of Sting... I have no idea why, but the music hits me a certain way that I just can't stop.

18 Will attempt Key Lime Pie next week.

19 Loving my boys like crazy... really I just love them.

20 Enjoying new friends at the homeschool enrichment classes.

21 Feeling more and more at home here on my Island Paradise....



Anonymous said...

Seems to me that items 12 and 13 perhaps contributed directly to item 3? :)

MystikMomma said...

Ahhh,,, you see the error of my ways... Yes ice cream and chocolate anything. I am going to try to do more physical activity, this way I can still indulge in those yummy treats!