13 March, 2009

Dream and Little Voudou?

The other night my dreams led me to Marie Laveau.. the famous Voudou Queen. I was possessed by her spirit and I have to say, the voice and movement is still with me. Each night I do pray to Jesus and the Magdalene for guidance in what I need to focus on. Not certain why the voudou queen decided to possess me, but it was a signal that I am dealing with some sort of past life experience. The fact that I did live in New Orleans for some time might also be a clue and that I did visit her grave...her house...and the shores on which she practiced...

There was this other experience in a Voudou temple. I was in the back room and upon leaving it, I felt a strong presence push my upper torso back into the room while my legs proceeded to walk out. In that instant, my breath stopped short and I remember blinking my eyes trying to understand what just happened. After I caught my breath, I was able to walk out and never returned to that temple, even though there were many opportunities to do so.

I was visited by spirits while living there. The graveyard was adjacent to our home, but that is nothing unusual in NOLA. A reader friend of mine warned me before I moved to NOLA that I needed to find protection, because that was the worse possible city for me to move to at the time.

Connection to Marie Laveau... I don't know. But with this spiritual quest to know Mary Magdalene better, could there be a connection? A common theme water, outcast, misunderstood, and then there is this connection....

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