09 April, 2009

Solo Preparations for Easter

Easter is just around the corner and this year, I don't really feel its presence. I am trying to get in the mood, more contemplative if you will. I think I have all my ingredients for the dinner, and a mock brunch. I cleaned out my storage room and reorganized to fit more stuff in, throw out the junk and move my craft supplies in clear bins so I can see what I have. Tomorrow would be a good day to clean up the house in general. Always good to clean out the house and home in order to prepare the way of the Resurrection and Rebirth!

I plan on watching The Passion. It would be terrific if hubbie would watch with me, without sleeping, rolling his eyes or looking bored. Truth is, he is Jewish and not the kind that celebrates. Oh no, he is the kind that is Jewish when it is convenient for him not to celebrate anything. He really doesn't know much about his religion or cultural upbringing. If pushed to answer any questions about the religion, he has no clue. I should be grateful to have a partner of a different religion that doesn't put up obstacles to my faith path, but truthfully, it would be nice to share the idea of faith with my spouse.

There are so many times I tried to bring up faith, religion, spirituality and to no avail the conversation always ends in an argument and hubbie becoming the ugly monster, once again. I finally figured out why he does this. He doesn't know anything I speak of and so a natural defense is to start spouting off that he doesn't need any of that, because he cooks, that is what he does and he doesn't have time for anything else. He doesn't know any answers to my questions and when I ask him to find some via any source, he never does.

I try very hard to incorporate the Jewish history into our celebrations when appropriate. I want the boys to learn about their father's cultural background. But it is just me doing it all. The boys are starting to ask many questions now about the Jewish people and the Catholics. So I pray that I do both faiths justice.

Then there is the fact that as a Catholic, I also try to embrace other world religions. I find value in all of the faiths, even the pagan ones. I would call myself a Spiritualist borderline Gnostic. If there was such a thing. Something so precious as my faith, would be a wonderful thing to share with hubbie. But until he is able to come to me, I will have to do my thing on my own. The boys will learn from me and I guess that isn't so bad.

There is a reason for everything and this too shall play itself out. So bring on Easter and its glory. I absolutely love this holiday, always did. This was the most important event for Jesus and the disciples, all of them, even the female ones. So many things changed from this point forward. The world was set in motion all from the selfless acts of Jesus. Amazing! Just Amazing!


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Anonymous said...

This would have been a good week to also talk about Passover. It's one of the events that really does cross over between the religions. Although it's obviously not emphasized as much in Christianity, it's still a fairly major event in the Bible.