18 June, 2009

Choosing Freedom!

Recently a friend had a life event happen. Due to this change in circumstance, a new road awaits. Now the future that seemed clearly plotted is wide open. Many would look upon this change as a difficulty, hurdle or be very depressed at the initial happening. However, if taken at face value it is only a change and due to this change, the direction of the life path can be altered more freely.

Sometimes it is hard to make changes when we are in the trenches of momentum. But when the momentum is cut short, if forces us to rethink our goals, dreams and directions.

I am amazed at how my friend has taken this change and turned it into a chance at life. The choices are now many instead of few. There are more possibilities and the freedom to choose is liberating!

As a child, I played one thing and then changed my mind to play something else. I was not locked in to one set play path. The freedom to be who and what I wanted was wonderful! I love watching this unfold for my friend. There is limitless freedom with each step!

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