16 June, 2009

Crossed Communications!

Friendships have been a focus for me this past month. In recent days, there have been some admittances about misunderstandings and crossed communication. As I am relieved to know there is still interest in the friendship, I am confused as to how to overcome the "miss", that exists.

I find that trying to explain your position and thought process is defensive. This of course is not the point, but who likes to be misunderstood? Also I struggle with how to share my life, without it being taken as judgmental?

How do you explain yourself so it is taken as is? Is this really my issue or the receivers? I don't know, but I try and try to be open, honest, ask for clarity when I need it, but there are these crossed wires somehow in the way.

Ever notice how some people you just get; never a strong or curt word between you? Then there are others that you struggle with, have highs and lows with? I do understand we are unique and different. I get that we come with varied instructions which lean us one way or the other. We also learn new ways based on our life experiences. I just don't think it should be this difficult between friends, that is what our family is for (HA)!

Why all the explaining, misunderstanding... this is my challenge and I am not certain where to go with it, just yet.

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