11 June, 2009

Swimming Summer

The Venetian Pool is where we are spending our summer. Every morning this week, the boys and I have been out the door by 7:30 and in the pool by 8:30am. Considering we are a homeschool family that wakes upon our internal alarm clocks, this is a huge feat!

The boys are doing well, each in their own class twice daily. They have a break in between classes where they hang out with other children and explore, chat, play games and all things involving childhood memory making!

I teach alongside another new trainee, which is of course unheard of, as each new trainee is to teach alongside a seasoned Water Safety Instructor, WSI. So here we are two newbies doing our best to teach 3 classes of 5-9 students, 7-13 yr olds. The basics, kicking, gliding, rhythmic breathing, floating, front crawl, etc. I have to say I am really enjoying it and love the other teacher. She is organized and focused, just like me and it is great, as if we are on the same brain wave!

The water is a cool 79 degrees, everyday filled in each morning from the Artesian Aquifer . The greatest thing for me, is that it reminds me of a lake. There are a couple of small lakes that I swam in growing up. I love swimming in a lakes because the water doesn't sting your eyes, or irritate freshly shaven legs. Maybe it is my comfort zone or what I was used to, but lakes where plentiful growing up and I do prefer them to oceans.

This pool is quite amazing. The Venetian Pool has been used in movies and used to be a hang out for movie stars back in the day.

More importantly, at the end of our morning, the boys and I are allowed a free swim before the public is allowed entrance. At this time, each of the boys demonstrate their newly acquired skills and just in a few days, they have improved greatly! I have a feeling, that L will be in my class sooner than later! How cool is that?

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melissa s. said...

what a beautiful pool! BTW - I answered your question in the comments section on my blog. thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!